SPS Certified Partner

Becoming an SPS Partner can take your business to the next level. SPS offers all our Certified Partners extensive training and education in revolutionary inventory management, accurate estimating, customer service and other vendor resources. Additionally, Partners will have ongoing access to the SPS Consulting team, and to many top technologies in the moving industry.

Does Your Moving Business Fit Our Values?

SPS looks for moving teams that provide high-quality service all around the United States.

By becoming an SPS Certified vendor, you will increase your exposure to new clients looking for high-end service and larger projects. You will gain quality customers in your area, exposure to a wide range of insurance claims, as well as a community of vendors that can expand and improve your overall service offerings.

Why Join SPS?

SPS Certified vendors are required to:

• Be licensed, bonded & insured (must provide documentation)

• Execute a thorough damage claims process 

• Provide high-end services

• Follow proper safety procedures 

• Utilize an up-to-date inventory process 

• Possess a truck prepared for any safety and quality control scenarios



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